Infusionsoft Small Business CRM Software Review

infusionsoft small business crm

Hi my name is Alex Bangura, my team and I help small and medium business grow online here.  If you are in a rush, you can watch this 3 minutes video explainer of Infusionsoft CRM and related videos here or watch customer success stories here or schedule an  live demo here

In any type of small business, it is wise and sound to have a good customer relationship management marketing tool because of all the benefits and peace of mind a CRM can provide. It is also critical to have a sales management software in place to help you with daily business decisions every step of the way to ensure the highest probability of Return On Investment and success in your venture.

You will need a CRM or contact management software to be certain that you are staying within budget and have the ability to reach your target customers at all times. Sometimes instincts may not be the best guide to follow specially in small business, so what do you do when support that is needed to reach your customers, generating leads, making sales or increasing your cashflow right at this time is not available to you?

Well, you will definitely need a reliable and cost effective customer relationship management system to help you out and set you on the right track to more leads and cashflow. Today, there are a number of crm marketing automation tools that comes with email advertising and lead generation capabilities in the market place that you can likely look at to accomplish this task. Here is a list of top companies today that provide CRM automation tools for small and medium businesses.

  • Infusionsoft
  • Act
  • aweber
  • constant contact
  • Eloqua
  • Hubspot
  • icontact
  • intuit
  • mailchimp
  • Marketo

Infusionsoft Small Business CRM Software is your best choice and will be your ultimate partner. Watch the video below to see how 25,000 infusionsoft customer relationship management software help small and medium businesses grow sales, get organized, save time and thrive in the market place.


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As you saw from the video above, Infusionsoft CRM is designed exclusively for small businesses in various channels such as:

  • Online
  • An establishment like a retail store or
  • Services on the go

This small business CRM software aims to help small and medium business owners to:

  • Map out each sales step and marketing strategy, as well as make your work easier and more efficient since it automates tasks that need to be done.
  • It allows you to nurture leads and scale personal relationships with your customers.
  • It simplifies and centralizes activities all in one place.
  • It proves to give the best value for its price and is practical for businesses as other similar software that provide enterprise solutions could either be way out of budget or could be smaller brands that do not come close to the quality of automation Infusionsoft gives.


What customers have to say about Infusionsoft’s crm for small business

What do small business owners who have already used the crm online software sa? They happily report that Infusionsoft contact management software has the best combination of tools to get the job for you. They rely on the software for everything marketing automation related. Complete market functions such as:

  • Sending newsletters
  • Selling products
  • E-mail marketing, running campaigns, email blast and building their email list.
  • It saves money as well in the long run by doing it on your own and not needing to hire an expensive developer.
  • It is intuitive and easy to learn. In short, it provides small business owners a powerful and versatile tool for managing your business beautifully and smoothly.

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Features and benefits that Infusionsoft’s marketing automation system provide to small businesses just like yours:

  1. This sales and marketing software will help your business get organized. Infusionsoft contact management software is a great tool that keeps track of all your contacts, tasks and scheduled appointments all in one place.
  2. The CRM can be accessed anywhere from any computer through the internet.
  3. It attracts more leads through a streamlined process that captures new leads and its automated email marketing follow-ups turn them into customers.
  4. It then identifies the hottest leads which allows closing more deals and sales faster than ever.
  5. You will be able to sell more and collect payment online through infusionsoft software e-commerce tools. Here you can efficiently and effectively manage your online store, your inventory, fulfillment and invoices for billing.
  6. It aids in upselling, discounts, payment and subscription plans.
  7. This centralized system that works round the clock will definitely save you time and significantly improve productivity.
  8. And many more…

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Infusionsoft Small Business CRM review



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